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How will you define and track your business' growth in 2021?

Join us for a free webinar where Onyx payment and analytic experts will discuss how 2020 has permanently disrupted the future of hospitality payment and how both hotels and travel agencies will need to rethink their strategy for measuring key performance indicators. We’ve prepared this webinar with hotel and travel agency needs in mind as we navigate the future of hospitality together.

In just one hour, you’ll learn:

  • What the current state of travel looks like and what it means for the future

  • Onyx data insights that hotels and agencies can leverage to succeed in recovery

  • How you can maximize your payment process and data insights to continue growth

  • The future of recovery for the hospitality industry and key data points to track

About Onyx CenterSource

Onyx is a leader in the transient commission processing and reconciliation space, providing hotel and travel agency clients with best-in-class commission payment processing services for more than 20 years. Most recently, Onyx has increased its product portfolio to include group commission management and analytic data services. 


Tony Wagner

Senior VP of Commercial and Strategic Relationships
Onyx CenterSource

Tony has 20+ years of experience supporting the growth of one of the world's largest travel management companies and joined Onyx last year to lead commercial operations and strategic partnerships. 

Knut Erik Rief

VP of Product Management
Onyx CenterSource

Knut Erik joined Onyx in 2014, and as Vice President of Product Management, he oversees the advancement and strategic capabilities of the Onyx portfolio of data and analytic offerings.